In Development: INC’d - the series

The Characters of INC'd

From the producers of the PGA nominated documentary “A People Uncounted” comes INC’d, a hilarious animated series about the consequences of unchecked corporate power as seen through the eyes of Cal, a junior staff reporter for a struggling newspaper.

Cal shares an apartment with Spokes, a bicycle courier with a mysterious past and a Suckbot 2000 robotic vacuum cleaner accidentally imbued with artificial intelligence. Cal’s boss, Woody Papernik, is the last of the old guard newspaper editors whose morale, in the new climate of corporate-run media and 'news' blogs, is all but completely broken. It doesn’t take long before Cal learns who's really pulling the strings – BIG TOOTHPASTE!

The full extent of BIG’s control reaches far beyond dental hygiene products to include military contractors, maple syrup pipelines from Canada, a hostile takeover of a small distant nation and even Cal’s own newspaper. What slowly unfolds is a conspiracy of power and corruption that Cal, in all his heroic naiveté, desperately tries to expose.